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Growing Indoor Organic Tomatoes
There are millions of gardeners who love growing tomatoes, some try growing big tomatoes, in search of that elusive record breaker, whilst others have more modest ambitions, just happy to provide extra home-grown food for their dinner table. Nowadays, organically grown food has become increasingly popular and there has been a surge of people, often without outdoor growing space, who would like to grow their own organic fruit and vegetables...Read More

Organic Gardening: Keeping Plants Healthy
Simply handling your plants gently and avoiding any damage, like torn leaves and broken stems is very important. Rough handling not only cause stress to the plant, it can weaken it and the wound can be the invitation that pests and disease organisms are looking for to find an easy access to enter the plant...Read More

Organic Vegetable Gardening: 10 Tips to Get Started and Save Money
What if I told you that your food could be 100% organic and cost less than food at the grocery store? You can! Just get started by planting vegetables in your back yard. Follow organic gardening principles and good soil management and you will reduce your carbon footprint, reduce the number of chemicals that you and your family eat, and you will lower your grocery bill. Here are ten tips to save money in your garden...Read More

Garden With Ease With a Waist High Gardening Box
Gardening is an enjoyable, healthy hobby for all, especially those who love the feel of the sunshine on their faces, the rich black soil in their hands and the wafting scent of growing plants and flowers. Their fragrance is heady, intoxicating, and irresistible. If you grow produce, the fruits of your labors bring many rewards along with the knowledge you are giving your family the freshest, safest, and nutritionally dense produce available...Read More

Earth Box Garden - Does the Earth Box Planter Work?
The Earth Box garden system has been around since 2001. It is a container gardening system, primarily targeting vegetable container gardens. Let's take a look at its features...Read More

Winter Gardening - Now Comes the Fun Part!
Unlike many gardeners, I actually love the beginning of winter. Yes, there are some jobs that need to be done in the garden - we can get to those later. But it's also an opportunity to curl up in front of a warm fire with a perfect excuse to stay indoors (if you happen to live in a part of the world where it's cold, dark and raining!), consider what worked and what didn't over the past gardening year, and begin to plan what you'll try next year...Read More

Worlds First Dwarf Buddleja
Floraselect are delighted to announce a new and exclusive to the UK market, the first true dwarf Buddleja! Buddleia Lo and Behold �Blue Chip�, bred by Dennis Werner of North Carolina State University...Read More

Gardening Tools - What Tools Will You Need to Help Make Money From Your Garden?
There are lots of garden tools that are useful but not all are essential. Some useful power tools for the serious gardener include a good powered hedge trimmer. If you have large shrubs or hedges in your garden and want to keep them manicured, the use of a powered hedge trimmer will make the job quick and simple....Read More

Organic Gardening - Reasons Pepper Plants Can Turn Yellow
One of the most common problems that the home gardener have with their pepper plants is the yellowing of their leaves. This can be caused by a few different reasons. The first is the lack of nitrogen and magnesium, another reason is chlorinated water, soil splash on the lower leaves from watering and a fungal problem...Read More

Bosai Gardening Secrets
Discover Over 95 Pages Of Insider Secrets To Creating Stunning Bonsai Trees.

Garden With Ease With a Waist High Gardening Box
Gardening is an enjoyable, healthy hobby for all, especially those who love the feel of the sunshine on their faces, the rich black soil in their hands and the wafting scent of growing plants and flowers. Their fragrance is heady, intoxicating, and irresistible...Read More

Your Garden Decor Needs Change
Most home gardens do a little adapting and see a metamorphosis of sorts over the years. Look through the eyes of your imagination and see different purposes for different areas of the exterior of your home. Some of those garden areas may be working for the ideas you have developed but perhaps they will evolve into a whole new area that you will like even more.....Read More

Spring Vegetable Gardening Planning
Planning a spring vegetable garden will be one of the most important things that you will do in the development of your garden. When you effectively plan your garden, you in effect, make sure that you have all the bases covered. And to make sure that your bases are covered...Read More

Organic Gardening - Peppers Grown Fresh in Your Home Gardens
Peppers, whether they are red, green, yellow, purple or even sweet to hot all can not only add a spectacular sight to your vegetable garden, but are also an excellent crop that can be incorporated into your edible landscape. They are a crop that has been the second choice to be planted by many home gardeners to the tomato...Read More

3 Greenhouse Gardening Tips For Orchid Plants
A lot of gardeners choose to paint their greenhouse because they want the structure to fit better into their overall garden design. Some may only paint the outer part while some may paint both the interior and exterior of their greenhouse. It is alright to have both the interior and exterior painted but you have to make sure that the paint used for the interior part of your greenhouse is free from toxic...Read More

Organic Gardening Fertilizers - Animal, Mineral, Or Vegetable
Organic Gardening is a method that involves growing plants in harmony with nature and with natural methods. Organic fertilizers are the same basic method of adding nutrients back into the soil the way that nature does naturally. There are three basic forms of nutrients and are produced from animals, minerals and vegetable. They all have their own unique way of supplying the soil with the nutrients needed for plants to thrive...Read More

Tomato Gardening - 5 Tomato Gardening Tips For Great Tomato Harvest?
If you are planning to start out with vegetable gardening, you have made the right choice for choosing tomato gardening. Tomato gardening is one of the simplest form of vegetable gardening that a newbie gardener can get started with. In this article, I will show you 5 tomato gardening tips that you can use to grow red and juicy tomatoes over and over again...Read More

Is It Possible To Conquer Phytophthora (Root Rot)?
Phytophthora (Root Rot) can affect any plant or tree, especially fruit trees. It is a soil borne organism which infects the roots to the point where it kills the plant. Spores created by Phytophthora are drought resistant, but most active during wet, cool seasons often in the Spring or after harvest...Read Me

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