Garden Music: The New "Note" Worthy Musical Food for Your Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, and You. "Your Garden Never Sounded So Good."

Richmond, VA September 1, 2003 -- The keyboard/synth and guitar/synth duo "Free-Life" Shashana & Rolando, and their company Luv-Wave Productions, have just released a CD of original music especially composed for the plants. flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and trees in your garden. The CD, simply entitled "Garden Music," is designed to enhance the healthy, happy, and productive growth of your "organic" friends.

The duo claims that "much scientific research has proven that there is a direct relationship between healthy and happy plant growth and the use of certain types of music and musical rhythms." In fact, best selling author Don Campbell in his book The Mozart Effect, explains how the music of Bach and music played on the violin or sitar made flowers growing in a greenhouse during a controlled experiment, more abundant; and the vegetable vines were even growing toward the speakers!

Picking up on these cues, Shashana & Rolando decided to write original music for the plants and flowers in their garden. They soon discovered that listening to their own music made their stay in the garden much more pleasant. Eventually, the arduous task of weeding and pruning became a very pleasurable experience. Not only was it fun for them, but also for their plants and flowers.

And while listening to their music, they learned how to "listen" to what their plants were trying to say to them. Shashana feels that the plants and flowers "speak" to her and tell her the kind of music and rhythms they want to hear. Consequently, she draws upon her Native American and African-American heritage for inspiration, and then taps into her shaman-energies to communicate with her garden friends. In a sense, Shashana takes that old song "I Talk to the Trees" to an entirely new level.

Shashana and Rolando are practitioners of what is known as Sacred Sound Healing, a system that uses music as a therapeutic tool to help align and balance the body, mind, and spirit of the individual. They apply these same sacred principles to the musical attunement, nourishment, and healing of plants and flowers. "Just as you are a living, breathing, and feeling organism," says Shashana, "so too are your plants, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. And just as you need a balance between your body, mind, and spirit, your plants and vegetables need that same balance too."

Shashana & Rolando also apply and are proponents of, the notion of "Gaia"—-a concept and belief stemming from an ancient philosophy that claims the Earth is a living, breathing organism. "Gaia," Shashana explains, "is a Greek word that means ‘Mother Earth.' Mother Earth was honored on the Isle of Crete in ancient Greece 5,000 years ago by the Minoan civilization. This civilization valued education, art, science, and recreation, as well as the environment, and believed that the Earth was directly connected to their existence and daily life.

"Rolando and I recognize that all of the Earth's living matter—-air, oceans and land--form an interconnected system that can be seen as a single, pulsating entity. The word 'Gaia' also represents planetary awareness—-the preservation and support of the interconnectedness of all living things. Thus by nurturing, protecting, and respecting our planet, its natural resources, and its inhabitants, we enrich not only our own lives, but those of future generations as well."

Their Music:
"Free-Life's" original music can best be described as a melding of the musical minds of Pat Metheny, Yo Yo Ma, and Secret Garden, encrusted in a canopy of World Beat and New Age ambience, with the compositional influences of Ravel and other early French Impressionist composers like Satie and Faure. This amalgam then spins and weaves a magic spell around both gardener and a very satisfied group of garden inhabitants.

Rebecca Kolls, host of the nationally syndicated HGTV show "Rebecca's Garden" and garden consultant for ABC's Good Morning America, has said that the music (on "Free-Life's" Garden Music CD) has perked up not only her staff around the office, but her "struggling schefflera too."

Shashana & Rolando feel that their original music for the garden can play an integral part in the maintenance and care of plants and flowers, in much the same way that fertilizer and other nutrients do. They see their CD functioning as a "practical and useful tool" like pruning shears or a rake to make working in the garden a more pleasant and easygoing task; and they insist that "no one should pass up this opportunity to provide the musical nourishment their plants and flowers deserve." Shashana & Rolando want you to "check out this CD" and give back to your ‘garden friends' something beautiful. "After all," they claim, "it's only natural."

So far, the Garden Music CD has received very favorable reviews from the directors of arboretums and botanical gardens, as well as private estate gardens like the Biltmore and the Homestead, and from performing venues like Borders Books. Requests for the CD for airplay have come from not only radio stations here in the USA but also from as far away as Australia.

The Garden Music CD is available from the following retail outlets: (where you can hear 2 minute sound clips from all 15 cuts on the Garden Music CD). and    

For more information about "Free-Life" Shashana & Rolando please check out the following websites:"free-life"shashana&rolando (contains our EPK--an "electronic press kit" for review by the press, record companies, booking agents, etc.) (general information, photos, sound clips, gigs, etc.) (our home website)

Rolando Antonelli
Luv-Wave Productions
940 Buford Road
Richmond, VA 23235-4639

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